CCI provides several services within the chess arena. Most of our services are tailored to the needs of chess players, while other services are created to fulfill our mandate to improve the quality of chess play in the Chicago/suburban areas.

1. Chess for Stress – Executives learn chess to help assist and deal with job related stress. Chess is making a difference in our students lives. This class is set up in eight-week intervals and provides beginners with the tools needed to play the game of chess while learning more about themselves. This course is geared toward working professionals who want to learn the game of chess from professionals. (click for details)

2. Scholastic Chess for K-12 – Teaching chess to children and young adults opens up their minds and improves their mathematical and cognitive abilities. This class also introduces them to the world of competitive chess. (click for details)

3. Seniors Open – This is the only event where we cater to seniors. We provide a tournament each year for participants who are 50-years old and up. This is a good tournament for family and friends to reunite under the chess umbrella and compete against people at the same age range.(click for details)

4. The Big Three – This a great tournament for team chess. Each team has three players and one alternate on the same team. They compete for the Chicago Cup and cash prizes. This is a great way to start tradition and keep chess alive in Chicago. (click here for details)

5. Week-Day Tournaments – We provide 5 week-day tournaments a year; that is one about every other month. These tournaments allow players to play one game every week; usually the games consist of a 4-round tournament (click here for details)