The Chicago Chess Initiative known as “CCI” was created to expand the visibility, activity and acceptance of the game of “Chess” as a positive tool of culture and diversity for all Chicago and suburban residents. We believe that through chess we can improve the image of Chicago as a people’s city that embraces the game of Chess as a dynamic source of intellectual and competitive stimuli.

Our leadership team has over 30 plus years of experience and adds value to the overall chess community by participating in all the clubs, organizations and other chess related happenings throughout Chicago and near-by suburbs!

We pride ourselves on being the conduit for chess throughout Chicago, which means scholastically, academically, professionally and casually. We have on-going community projects — Live — right now as we speak, and support the efforts of all other chess organizations throughout the state.

Whether you are looking for a strong tournament to participate in, or want to make sure your son or daughter can learn chess for academic reasons, we at CCI have the resources available to lead you in the right direction for all your chess needs.